EmmyChampion – Yahweh Lyrics

EmmyChampion – Yahweh

EmmyChampion – Yahweh Lyrics

Verse 1

You open my eyes to see,
And you open my ears to hear,
Lord you make me to be like you yahweh,
You walk upon the see, oh God.
You turn my life around, oh God.
You make the lame to walk.
Oh Lord, my God,


You alone are God.
} 2×
Soloist only
You are the great & mighty one
The mighty man of war
His the bright & morning stars
(Repeat again with the backup)

Toughs of fire..
Oh Jesus.

Verse 2

You make my life so beautiful, jesus.
All power belongs to you ah..
Eleshadi is your name,
Adornai is your name,
I glorify you lord, your the king of all the earth.
Heaven and earth adore you
Angels bow before you
The king of all the earth,
( Back up response together )
No one else like you.

Yahweh…. (4×)
Oh God, oh God, Oh God.

( Back up chorus )
You alone are God
} 5×

( Alone with back up )
You alone are God

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