Davido ft Nicky Minaj-Holy-Ground(Official Audio)

Holy Ground assumes 4th position on the album by Davido, A Better Time. He adopts the music dexterity of her premier mistress, Nicky Minaj who graces this track with her soul-reviving voice. Music produced by Spiroach beats.

This is yet another energetic and interesting track. The instrumental stands in the middle of the western and African style of music as it merges both the African and American tones smoothly.

One would like to say that Davido music is characterized energetic and unique in style. That ginger to bring the dry bone to life is always there! (Lol, just being goofy).

Just tap play!


Quotable lyrics


Na holy ground wey me I run to

Naija to the world…



She say turn if you wanna

I say I know myself

I’m gonna wanna

30 days under cover

So let me know 

She say nwane biko

30 days if you wanna ah

Let her know if you wanna

Let her know it’s n’t the normal size

This thing they say/go make you shook her on side 

So let me know if you wanna 


She calls me brother…

I call her sister too


Mama go fight she gat

Like sister too

If she’s a city she dey sip bottle 


Na holy ground wey me turn to


I call her sister too


I say come if you wanna

Got to trend and I wanna

Let me know when love do you inside 

Let me know you putting me to the side yeah ah

You should know my mind 

You should roll with time

You came just in time 

You gave me my

Spibon and my son and go born two

Queue next till for you

Every time you come too

Finish now who want to keep you grounding I only gat you too

I’m giving out those I gonna give you the gee

I’m bouncing on all of the gee

I just h’d to give you the view…..

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