Chris Harmony- To the Top

Chris Harmony, Nigerian motivational rapper comes through with a new single dubbed To the Top produced by Jhamal 1000Beat. 

There has been quite a long anticipation for this hit as the rapper had before now given a prep for the release of his new single. Thus his fans had long awaited for it. To the Top is a body of motivation; Harmony adopts the lines that clearly inserts into the lives of Nigerian youths especially the downtrodden. He considers the daily hassle and hustle on the streets building the hopes of the hopeless. To the Top appeals to those who may be on the verge of despair to embrace patience and perseverance.

That, the golden geese come only through a lot of sacrifice and effort even in the land of paradise; justifying both sides of the coin, Harmony reminds us that we have got to work to achieve our set goals or ambitions in life; ‘working all night and day/ for a better tomorrow’. Life is a parabola, what goes around comes around. The song explains why we must sow good for the future.

Thematically, To the Top embodies such themes as the theme of motivation, patience, hope, self concept, morals and among others.

To the Top is put together by Jhamal 1000Beat. 


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DOWNLOAD To the Top Mp3 Here



Everywhere you go you see a goat and a shit

Beware of people you see on the street

Some many victims right now are six feet deep

Anything a man sows there he will reap

See I have seen struggle in life I have seen pain

But I stay strong and connected like a chain

We have been hustling day and night under the rain

Kilo sele gangan ogbeni use your brain

Steady working on my brand I ‘ve been working for days

Like I’m working for the military I’m stocking my way

Though I got so many worries but I put them away

Don’t wanna get carried away when I’m working for pay

This life is a journey and we running a race

So I put on my shoes and I carry the lace

I pray to the Lord and I ask for grace

So let nobody come around and take my place

It’s a cold wide world some are living in pain and sorrow

Holding work all day and night for a better tomorrow

And nobody throwing shots at me telling me to stop

I just want make my way to the top

See I just want make my way to the top, top, top…

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